ProPrecision Seatbelt Mounts for Teryx

With the popularity of aftermarket seats and restraints in the    Side X Side market,
ProPrecision examined the seatbelt mounting in the Kawasaki Teryx.  Having
experience in emergency medicine and a basic knowledge of how kinetic energy is
applied to the human body during a sudden stop, crash, or rollover,  the ProPrecision
team recognized the potential for serious abdominal and spinal injury due to the
incorrect placement of the lap belt when aftermarket seats and belts are used.  The
ProPrecision Seatbelt Mount relocates the mounts so the lap belt is positioned low
across the hips, not high across the abdomen.  
The ProPrecision Seatbelt Mount can be used with stock and lowered seat bases.  It
installs easily beneath the stock pedestals in less than 1 hour. The kit comes
complete with detailed installation instructions and all the necessary hardware
$60/ Set
Lowered Seat Bases
Lowered Seat Bases
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