Vision Wheels             $299.00
                                                         SIZE: 12x7, 12x8

Lockout 393                                                 Buckshot 158

Commander                                                     550
(set of 4)
Available in 14x7 and 14x8
(ADD $40 per set)
Installation $400.00
HCR Racing
Long Travel Kits
as low as $3995.00 (complete)

Billet Mirrors       $80.00

                  ProPrecision Billet Mirrors are now on sale for $80.00 while
                  supplies last.  These billet mirrors are adjustable like your
                  car rearview and look great.  They are made from T6061
                  aluminum and designed to last in tough offroad environments.   
                  The mirrors measure roughly 3"x10" and come in ELLIPTICAL
                  and RECTANGULAR shapes.  Available for 1.5" and 1.75" tubes.
                  Available in Black or Polished Finishes.
EFX Tires
There is nothing that performs better as a “all in one atv tire” the Moto
atv tire is a proven tire design that will continue to perform for many
years to come.  It boasts a 6-Ply Construction with 1.25” lugs. The lugs are
spaced just right to provide a smooth ride for a tire with deep lugs. This
atv tire will climb rocks, grab roots, and work in light mud.  This atv tire
wears well and provides performance for many miles.
$520.00 (set)
(2) 26x9-14 + (2) 26x11-14
Well…congratulations, you found the page everyone in the
dunes is going to talk about, the newest addition to the
growing EFX tire collection, the
EFX SandSlinger UTV
Sand Tire
.  After investing in a couple hundred dollars of
sunscreen, a couple of high powered test machines and a
band of misfit test riders, we took to the dunes to hand
craft the best performing UTV sand tire.  Available in
27x10x14 fronts and 27x13x14 in the rear, 4-ply bias
compound and backed by a tire company you’ve come to
trust, the
EFX SandSlinger is the last and only sand tire
you will purchase.
$525.00 (27" Fronts and Rears)
$660.00  (29" Fronts and Rears)

                  Shipping Included
Motosport Alloys
R-Forged wheels are manufactured using a state of the art, rotary forged process that
transforms the wheel at a molecular level. The forging process literally creates the barrel of
the wheel using extreme pressure and heat while the wheel is spun at high speeds. So, how
does this help? Well, whether you are racing to the podium, crushing the rock gardens or
simply want one of the strongest, lightest wheel on the market, R-Forged wheels are born to
$460.00 (14x7 set)
Includes Shipping
STI Sand Wedge

30x11-14 Fronts

30x14-14 Rears

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Call Us @  951-640-6682