EPI Performance
ProPrecision Sand and Offroad is proud to be a dealer for EPI Performance.   EPI has
been the industry leader in CVT Clutch tuning for over 20 years and have made it their
goal to educate enthusiasts like yourself about the importance of recalibrating your
clutches when you add bigger tires or more power to your machine. Stock clutching is
fine for a stock machine, but as soon as you change to bigger/more aggressive tires or
add more power to your machine, you need an EPI Clutch Kit to recalibrate your CVT
system so your machine performs the way you expect it to.

REAL-WORLD TESTING for REAL-WORLD RIDERS. EPI's approach to actually get their
hands on every model of machine out there and develop Clutch Kits by putting on the
miles in sand and mud and on the trails the way you do. It doesn't become an EPI Clutch
Kit until they are satisfied with how it performs in the REAL-WORLD of riding.

EPI also offers high quality replacement driveline parts such as Wheelshafts, U-Joints,
CV Joints, Front End and Suspension parts, Brakes, and more. Check us out - you'll love
our quality products, great value and outstanding customer service!
1440 3rd Street, #6,Riverside CA 92507