Customer Rides
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2007 Sniper Sandcar- Built by ProPrecision
Gary, Julie, and Balee Probst
2009 Kawasaki Tery Battle of the Builders by ProPrecision
2005 Polaris Ranger-
High Octane Motorsports Group
2006 Tatum Black Widow- Dave Jensen
2007 Yamaha Rhino-Matt and Sheila Jones
2007 Sniper Sandcar- Rodney and Megan Stoye
2006 Yamaha Rhino- Eric and Shannon Noreen
1984 Jeep CJ7- Mike and Judy Jerkins
John Crowley
Yamaha Rhino- Nick
2011 Polaris RZR4- Brad Simons
2008 Kawasaki Teryx-Jay Shearer
2008 Kawasaki Teryx Battle of the Builders by ProPrecision
2012 Teryx 4
Plummer Family XJ Wagon
Lance Snider XJ
1440 3rd Street, #6,Riverside CA 92507