Sep 13 2017

7 reasons why you should get a custom ride

Everyone wants to get the most out of their Jeep or UTV to get the best off-roading experience possible. There are many reasons why you should invest in a customized ride, or why you should consider customizing the ride which you already have.

Here are a few of those reasons for why aftermarket solutions can dramatically improve your vehicle’s off-roading attributes


1)  More space between the vehicle and the terrain

When you’re traversing a particularly harsh terrain full of rocks, stumps and big boulders, you risk damaging the underside of your vehicle. You will need to increase your ride’s height. Bonus points if you upgrade your stock suspensions because that extra weight you might be carrying could reduce the ride height – and more or less mitigate your increased ride height.


2)  Getting more traction on the road

It is worth your while to invest in limited slip differentials for your axles in an effort to achieve that extra oomph of traction in terrains where one wheel can break traction and start spinning. This way your other wheel will sit idle and you can lose out on some forward motion. The LSD will automatically send power to the wheel with traction to help you navigate out of obstacles. Whether you’re sporting a truck or an SUV, it is better to dump that open differential in favor of LSD or locking differentials. We believe it really is a choice between locking differential and open differential. Both have their own pros and cons but either one of them is a far better option than the default open differentials.


3)  Get speedy recovery in tough situations by installing winches

When you push your vehicle a tad bit too far into the rocky terrain or dive down a deep ditch, winches can be the difference between a timely rescue, or a costly trip to the nearest garage. Most winches are capable of lifting up to 10,000 pounds of weight and can be a little costly. But the convenience they provide simply can’t be beat.


4) More space for fuel and other off roading essentials

The best way to increase the carrying capacity of your vehicle? Installing steel bumpers. They’re more than just a means of looking cool to onlookers, because their essential use is in storing extra fuel and other important items such as hi-lift jacks.


5) Easily maneuver terrains by installing necessary wheels

The wheel size can affect your handling, acceleration, braking and traction. They could be the single most important component in your SUV. The biggest factor is the wheel’s diameter, the trend has been to push towards larger and wider choices – but wheel size is still a matter of trial and error. The sweet spot is seen at 17 inchers rather than full on 37 inch monster.


6) Getting even more traction on the road

Your vehicle makes contact with the terrain using tires. They should ideally possess multifaceted tread blocks to help maximize traction despite the kind of trail you’re driving on.


7) Drive submerged in water

Water getting into your engine can damage the connecting rods – also known as hydrolocking your engine – this can happen even if you’re travelling on shallow water. What you need to do is install snorkels which will lift you vehicle’s air intake, preferably to the car’s roof height.


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