Jul 19 2017

5 Tools Everyone in the Off-Road Industry Should Be Using

Off-road vehicles are commonly used at countryside where there are no proper roads. Four-wheel drive vehicles prove to be more effective for such areas as they can travel on surfaces that are uneven. You can easily get a mechanic if your vehicle does not start in a city. However, when you are out in the suburbs, finding a mechanic may not be as easy.  Therefore, it is recommended to keep certain tools in your vehicle that can help you in repair. These tools make travelling easy and help you get rid of the issue.

Following tools must be present in every off-road vehicle:

·        Tire Repair Kit:

A tire repair kit is necessary whether you are travelling off-road or on a well-built road. It is recommended to keep a full tire repair kit, but only a plug kit can also help you out. Any sharp item can cause a leak of air from tires when you are in the outskirts of a city. You can repair the tire through the kit and make your vehicle ready to drive again. Check the kit from time to time and replace old items.

·        LED Work Light:

Whether you are travelling in day or at night, always keep LED work light in your vehicle. This will help you repair your vehicle at a place where there is less light. You can check and repair your tires or other parts without the need of waiting till morning. You can find many modern lights equipped with magnets that can be attached to the body of vehicle for ease of use.

·        Jump Starter:

A jump starter device can efficiently help you when the vehicle battery fails to provide enough energy. You need not rely on the batteries of other cars. This device can help you start your vehicle and charge its battery. Moreover, you can use it as a cigarette lighter or a mobile phone charger. Make sure it is fully charged before leaving your home.

·        Transaction Ramp:

The transaction mats can help you when a tire of vehicle is stuck in a hole and cannot come out due to mud. You can keep the ramp near tire and bring the vehicle out of the hole. It is a recommended tool that can help you when you are travelling alone. It is extremely easy to use and can assist you in an efficient manner.

·        Tool Bag:

Keep a standard size tool bag in a vehicle and make sure that all necessary tools are present. Screw drivers, wrenches, pliers, hammer and other similar stuff can help you during an off-road drive. The bumps on uneven road can affect your vehicle and cause some parts to break or get loose. You can repair or tighten them to ensure that no major problems arise.


Pro Precision is a well-known name in off-road industry. They offer auto parts and tools for a large variety of models. These tools can help you maintain the condition of your vehicles and make them suitable for long drives. Moreover, having these tools ensures that you get rid of minor problems within no time.


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